A festival to celebrate communal diversity and the beauty of the land, the Magayon Festival of Zamboanga  in the Philippines is a must-see attraction. It falls in September and is one of the easiest ways to catch the local pulse of Zamboanga.


There are cultural dances and beautiful costumes that highlight the diversity of groups that thrive in Zamboanga.

(Pic: Department of Tourism, Philippines)

Look for a uniting theme that crops up for more debate and discussion, such as ecology or sustainability issues. The festival is also a time to give thanks to Nature for the bountiful harvest she grants.

Go on a cultural tour to find out more about the different settlers — the Subanens, Bangsamoro Muslims, and Christians — that nurture the magnificent land of Zamboanga.

There is a lot more to do in this bustling city — relax on a beachside, hunt down a waterfall, eat some great seafood, or get a picture at a historical site. Zamboanga awaits YOU!

(Featured Image: Wikimedia)