If you are looking for a quick vacation within the Philippines, go for a night to Boracay.

Here are 3 things to do:


Find a beach and lay a mat. Boracay is famous for its white sands and general cheer, and you have a range of beaches to choose from — from the crowded and the picturesque to the adventurous and quiet.

If you like water sports, head to Bulabog for parasailing or surfing or just to be with the hordes that go there to meet locals and tourists.

For quieter nights, head to Tambisaan which is famous for its coral reefs. If you wish to be with the local crowd, Tulubhan may be the beach for you. Boracay offers a variety of stretches for diverse groups of beach-lovers; find the right crowd for you!

(Pic: Wikimedia Commons)

Street Food

Chorizo or pork sausage is one of the staple foods found on the streets of Boracay. You may also find food vendors on food trucks that carry roasted corn or burgers. Try a fruit shake with a hot steak, or go for more adventurous dishes like squid balls or beef siomai.

If you are looking at affordable food, go for an omelette meal or Longanisa meal found in smaller restaurants along the beach side.

(Pic: Wikimedia Commons)


There are many beach clubs across Boracay that take in guests so you can make friends or enjoy the night with music or drinks.

You could also take a long walk along the shores of Boracay where the sands are softer than petals.

(Pic: Wikimedia Commons)

Look for a sports bar where you can watch football or rugby while having a drink or two. The night sky is beautiful in Boracay so see if you can book a spot on a rooftop restaurant that indulges your palate and offers stunning views.

(Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons)